Volunteers Needed

Rurapuk is always in need of an extra helping hand. If you would like to volunteer, please read the information below and either fill out the application form or call a volunteer coordinator.

Volunteers will help in various activities according to their skills, experiences and interests. You should have a level of independence after the first few weeks and will be given the opportunity to offer ideas on how to best contribute to the center.

Some examples of what volunteers have worked on:

  • Academic activities, such as strengthening basic educational subjects and teaching computer skills
  • Helping prepare & serve lunch
  • Developing and implementing various craft, science & learning projects
  • Educational Games
  • Sports activities
  • Recreational activities such as music & dance
  • Planting and maintaining a garden
  • Communicating via e-mail & phone with donors and potential volunteers
Rurapuk Volunteer Form
Rurakup Location Alto Paraiso

The volunteers will work every day from Monday to Friday. Basic knowledge of Spanish is helpful, but not required.

Duration of the project: The project is open through the whole year (with the exception of January and February) and volunteers can stay from 2 to 6 months.

Accommodation: The volunteer(s) will be provided a room with a private bath and a shared kitchen in a quiet middle class neighborhood. Please note that a vegetarian diet is kept in the house, but volunteers are free to eat whatever they want outside the house.

Transportation:  Volunteers will need to take a series of buses from their housing to the Rurapuk center. The trip will take approx. an hour each way and the buses will be crowded and a bit bumpy toward the end of the ride.

Food: Lunch will be provided at the Rurapuk Center. Please note that the Rurapuk center follows a vegetarian diet so all lunches will be vegetarian.